Brooke Engel Events
Brooke Engel Events
A little bit of Business and a lot of Fun!



My Business

I love what I do from managing a wedding venue and taking care of the behind the scenes to helping with the final details of a wedding and to help that day go smoothly and stress free!

There is always something going on at a wedding venue. The surprises are never ending and the people are always excited to see what new things have been done.

I don’t only work at a venue with a boss and other co-workers, it is also family. We have disagreements, but are always willing to help each other out no matter what.

My Personal Life

When I am not at work, I am at home with my fur-babies (you will hear a lot about them). I am also engaged and we are still in the planning process of our wedding (the small details are killer…).

There is always something going on in my life, whether its going some where with my fiance and dogs or its a little vacay with friends and family, we are never bored.

Everything in between

Of course there are things that I need to work on in my life. I am working on self growth and my physical fitness.

My fitness is very important to me, but like anyone else I have my struggles. I try to keep myself accountable for my actions when it comes to my health (and other parts of my life as well).

Self growth is an on going struggle for me. There are some days that I feel I could walk around in my bathing suit all day or talk to anyone about anything. But then I have those days where I have no confidence at all and would just rather stay home.



My Crazy…


Avery AKA Mr. Moo


scarlet aka Scur gur

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scott aka the love of my life