I am an up and coming Event Planner in Central Virginia. I graduated from Bridgewater College in 2016 with a Bachelors of Science degree. Although I did not go to school for event planning, I have acquired a lot of experience in the field and have fallen in love with my job. I have been involved in the planning of several weddings with other planners and have also gained a lot of experience planning weddings on my own. I had an internship with Columbus Bride and Groom when I lived in Ohio, which is where I fell in love with the career. I have now moved back home to Virginia and work at Bandit's Ridge (a venue located in Goochland Virginia), where I am the manager of the venue and work with the owner to make everyone's wedding day perfect. I have started my own business (Brooke Engel Events), while still being a manager at Bandit's Ridge and have the confidence that my business will grow with more experience. There is a joy I get in seeing the look on the Bride and Grooms face when their wedding day turns out perfectly. My way of planning keeps the Bride, Groom, and everyone else involved stress free and I take pride in making sure there is no worrying on the day of the wedding!